Marvel quasar

marvel quasar

He changed his name to Quasar when a group of children laughed at his Marvel Man code-name. Quasar became chief of security at Project:  Character Type ‎: ‎Human. After Eon's death, Epoch now serves as Quasar's mentor. become the new Protector of the Universe, a position most recently filled by the late Captain Marvel. Search for ' Quasar (Marvel)(02 - Wendell Vaughn)' on Amazon Powers: Quasar's powers are derived from the pair of quantum bands fused to his wrists (or more. Not an hour later, androids sent by the criminal organization A. During the Infinity War against Magus, Quasar attempted to use the Ultimate Nullifier. Gladiator received the message and arrived in the Fault with reenforcement Guardsmen. Siege in the City of the Dead! Navigation Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Annihilus killed Vaughn and gained the Quantum Bands, adding to his already considerable power, [5] stargames halloween 2017 the bands subsequently came into the possession of Phyla-Vell following Annihilus' apparent death.

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Go here to find out more. Wendell Vaughn was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin but raised in Oshkosh. By simply concentrating for a moment, he could gain complete knowledge about virtually anything in the universe. Earthfall 1 2 3 4 Avengers 1 - 'Once an Avenger Exiled to space, he tried several times unsuccessfully to form groups, first with the Star Masters , where it was revealed that he was 'chosen' to wear the Quantum-bands because he had a very strong will, stronger even than the Silver Surfer or Beta Ray Bill. marvel quasar

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