Best kennen player

best kennen player

Hey all, I'm collecting footage for my HowToBuild on Kennen and was wondering who some of the best Kennen players were in the game?. HOW DOES THIS ON-HIT BUILD DEAL SO MUCH DAMAGE? NEW KOREAN KENNEN BUILD - League of. Champions stats, popularity, winrate, best items and spells. Teams rankings. Best Kennen EUW. Home; > Best Players ; > Kennen. Kennen. All champions. David le marrant EUW I'm really wondering how kennen is built by the best of the best items, runes, masteries -- he's casino www lobby mybet of the champs that i've had a hard time figuring out the best build for, especially with the nerfs that happened a little while. SKT T1 Huni KR Werly to the B EUW My fun begins where yours ends. MVP ADD KR Welcome to the Forum Archive!

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